Why choose us?

Whatever your requirements, we offer an email marketing service that's right for you.

Its simple really...

  • Total control

    Our jargon-free software makes email marketing a doddle. You're in control, so you can create, send and evaluate your email campaigns whenever you want. You'll find the software easy to use and productive, whether you're new to email marketing or an experienced practitioner.
  • Expert support and consultancy

    Our friendly, UK-based team can offer valuable technical advice and support, so you get the most from your email marketing. We can also help with strategy, as well as campaign planning and management.
  • Eye-catching creativity

    Our talented designers have created a range of attractive templates that deliver impact and get response. We can also provide bespoke email design services to give you an extra touch of individuality or to match your brand identity.
  • Thorough analysis

    Our sophisticated analysis tools are available to you regardless of usage or spend. Want to see who’s clicked on what? When they clicked? Where they were when they clicked? It's all at your fingertips.
  • Optimum deliverability

    Our rigorous testing process ensures your email is optimised for delivery and maximises the hit rate. Run the SPAM checker. Validate your images and links. Preview your email in multiple clients. It's all quick and easy.
  • Practical knowledge sharing

    We're committed to sharing our experience and expertise. As well as offering a range of informative guides and case studies, we run CIM-accredited email marketing training courses for staff at all levels. We also host regular roadshows around the UK.
  • Reliable credentials

    We're members of Econsultancy, the Direct Marketing Association and the Chartered Institute of Marketing. We pride ourselves on excellent quality and service, as well having as a commitment to best practice and industry-leading standards.
  • Straightforward pricing

    Not only have we made our email marketing services as flexible and price competitive as possible, with packages suitable for all budgets. We've also made our pricing structure totally transparent. There are no set-up fees, contract commitments or hidden costs.
  • Return on investment

    With higher ROI than any other form of digital marketing, email marketing makes good business sense. It's not unusual to see a return of £24 for every £1 spent. But you need to do it right, which is why it pays to choose little green plane.