You seem more expensive than other providers, why is this?

The only thing we charge for are the credits to send out your emails, all of the features, reporting and testing come as standard as well as new features we release.

We educate on best practice whilst some competitors just focus on the product, we do not charge extra for reporting or new features and our UK support service is second-to-none.

A lot of the ‘free’ providers are American so unlike them, we are open when you are open. If your audience is based in the UK, it is generally better to send your emails via a UK server to help with deliverability.

If you make any mistakes to your templates, are having trouble uploading your contacts or adding new ones, you can call, email or use our messenger to get help completely free. We have a little hub of our client captains who deal with customer support as their main job role.

Because we are UK based we can give you vital education on email marketing that is relevant to your sector. Our blog and educational resources keep you up to date with the new trends and developments. We aim to equip you with all the tools you need to take your email marketing higher.