The Leprosy Mission Trading

The Leprosy Mission Trading

TLM Trading, the trading arm of the Leprosy Mission, was seeking a user-friendly email marketing platform to coincide with the launch of their new website built by itineris. Essential to improving their online presence was the development of successful, well-structured e-marketing campaigns. The company specified that these campaigns needed to look good, engage with their customer-base and fundamentally increase sales on their website.


TLM Trading chose little green plane due to the seamless integration with itineris’ content management system, i.content®. little green plane’s flexibility in both creating and editing campaigns and the extensive reporting and analysis capabilities were both attractive components for TLM Trading. little green plane undertook a consultation of TLM Trading’s e-marketing strategy to understand their main marketing objectives and devised a e-marketing strategy to suit TLM Trading’s objectives.


little green plane guided TLM Trading through the stages of their fledgling e-marketing strategy. Part of the strategy included a redesign of TLM Trading’s email template with stronger calls to action, improved product placement and a more balanced image-to-text ratio, complementing the new website design. little green plane also advised TLM Trading on how to clean their database and offered the facility to send targeted emails to customers of a specific demographic or who had a certain buying pattern.

Fundamentally, TLM Trading wanted their e-marketing campaigns to increase sales online, but to also increase awareness and engage with our audience. The organisations target audience in general is women 50+ and the aim was to engage with a slightly younger audience online, 30 – 50yrs. Aaron Scott, Website Project Manager at TLM Trading said “Little green plane demonstrated that they understood the challenges we were facing with our demographic and offered expert advice and proposals to connect with a younger audience.” 


Since the launch of TLM Trading’s new website the company have seen email open rates consistently above 25% and click through rates close to 10%. TLM Trading have also reported huge spikes in web traffic immediately after of an email send, further highlighting the effectiveness of the email marketing campaigns. Another result from sending regular e-shots with little green plane is that TLM Trading are noticing a rise in the profile of TLM online. The organisation has reported having much more engagement with customers on social media and increasing awareness of TLM that these email campaigns is bringing has been invaluable.

Aaron Scott, website project manager at TLM Trading said: "In conjunction with our new website build with itineris, we needed to implement an effective e-marketing strategy to entice visits to the site and stimulate sales. little green plane is exactly the sort of tool that we needed to make this a reality, and since we started using it we have seen a dramatic increase in response rates and conversion rates from our mailings. The templates are incredibly simple and intuitive to use and the final design of the emails that we send look fantastic. The support that we receive from little green plane team is first class and their attention to detail has been brilliant. Our campaigns are going from strength to strength with little green plane and we look forward to developing new e-marketing methods with them to further engage with our audience."

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