The Royal Air Force Museum

The Royal Air Force Museum The Royal Air Force Museum, Britain's only national museum dedicated wholly to aviation with sites in North London and Shropshire, was seeking a user-friendly email marketing platform to enable its internal marketing team to easily edit, manage and monitor its monthly campaigns. The company was also looking to obtain better deliverability, open rates and click-through results than its current provider had supplied.


little green plane undertook a consultation process to understand the Royal Air Force Museum's main marketing objectives. little green plane’s main strategy was to create a striking new email template, allowing the Museum to engage a global audience and to educate the team on email marketing best practice.


little green plane designed a bespoke template that drew elements from the Royal Air Force Museum's website whilst adhering to the Museum's stringent brand guidelines. The email was established so that members of the Royal Air Force Museum's marketing team could edit all text and images using a Word-style interface and could manage all future campaigns. 

In order to improve open and click through rates, the template included strong calls to action, prominent web links and a more balanced image-to-text ratio. little green plane then ran the campaign through a rigorous testing process, which included full mailbox, link and image validation, a Spam Assassin test, an inbox checker and a screenshot test. The Royal Air Force Museum staff was also able to send a preview of the HTML and plain text email to up to five internal recipients before broadcasting the campaign.

little green plane also managed the organisation's large database of contacts, ensuring a strict unsubscribe management process was in place as well as a full-featured API. As part of the execution, little green plane led a one-day training session for ten Royal Air Force Museum marketing representatives to educate them on all aspects of email marketing design, deliverability and testing best practice.


From its first campaign alone, the Royal Air Force Museum received over 80 emails congratulating them on its new campaign, and an additional 26 offers of new donations. The campaign received an open rate of 42%, double the industry average, with a click through rate of 9% - more than double the industry average of 4%.

The Royal Air Force Museum’s home page also received 443 visits as a result of the email campaign and 662 visits to the e-commerce shop. The campaign also generated 268 additional visits to the event’s page of the Royal Air Force Museum’s website.

Paul Hudson, head of marketing at the Royal Air Force Museum, said “The Royal Air Force Museum is confident that our email marketing programme will have a long term impact in increasing visitor numbers. After the first mailing we received a substantial number of comments from recipients, particularly those from abroad, stating that they would visit the Museum in the near future. In addition to this individual recipients have re-distributed the email to various aviation and heritage forums, giving us several new platforms in which to talk to an even wider audience.”

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