Oyster Yachts

Oyster Yachts Oyster Yachts are international market leaders in world-class cruising yachts and outstanding sailing yachts, recognised throughout the sailing world for quality, comfort and performance. Oyster Yachts encompasses several areas of business including sales, charter and brokerage. The company has been using little green plane for its email marketing since 2009.


Oyster Yachts wanted an email service provider that could provide a comprehensive service to cater for the company’s diverse departments. Due to the variety of audiences, such as prospective customers and yacht owners, the ability to tailor, test and analyse each campaign was crucial. 


little green plane supported Oyster Yachts with a managed first send and now provides an easy self-service way for the company to manage their email marketing campaigns.  

Oyster Yachts regularly take advantage of the range of features little green plane provides, including in-depth analytics of click through and bounces rates, unopened rates and any complaints. The inbox checker and previewer, along with the automatic plain text version ensure that all of Oyster Yacht’s subscribers are able to receive and view each campaign, no matter the medium.

All these features ensure Oyster Yachts can scrutinise the successes of each campaign and the detailed report information helps to refine their email marketing strategy. 


Oyster Yachts have seen a consistent increase in open rates from 30-40%, well above the industry average of 20.4%, to 40-50% more recently. The click through rates also run above the industry average of 3.9%, from 8% up to 40%, with the higher numbers being on the weekly brokerage e-shots which are targeted at specific contacts on the database.

David Kirkby, website administrator for Oyster Yachts, said: "Our main goal of each campaign is to bring people to the site whether it be for selling a yacht or to book in advance for a viewing at a boat show. We have to target difference audiences due to the nature of the business. This can make each campaign quite complex but fortunately little green plane takes a lot of the pressure off by allowing us to build and tailor each e-shot to the target audience and test them before sending. The reports are invaluable to check what is popular and how successful each campaign is. They also help us to refine each e-shot so the next one builds on the success of the last. All of the support I’ve had over the years here has been great, always fast and helpful."


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