The society for all artists

The society for all artists The SAA, society for all artists, is one of the UK’s largest organisations that specialises in supplying inspiration, information, help and advice for artists. Offering thousands of products and member benefits, the SAA wanted to improve the look, feel and engagement of its email marketing campaigns.


little green plane analysed the SAA’s email marketing campaigns. Examining their current strategy including their use of existing email design, the quality of their data, as well as their core email marketing objectives, little green plane found various areas of improvement.


little green plane re-designed a reusable template with stronger call to actions and a new appealing design that adhered to the SAA’s brand guidelines. Best practice coding styles were applied by removing any unwanted elements that could potentially be picked up in spam filters and the campaign was run through rigorous testing.

The SAA’s first email marketing campaign was sent through little green plane’s high-level email marketing software, which enabled the organisation to examine its open and click through rates, bounce rates, unopened rates and any complaints. Unsubscribes rates with an exit survey and send to a friend data, along with the ability to highlight top content and plot postcode data on Google maps gave the organisation detailed information to help refine their email marketing strategy.

The SAA also benefited from little green plane’s consultancy service to learn best practice email marketing techniques, including tips on growing their data lists organically, copywriting and subject lines, send frequencies, testing and measure success.  


After sending their first campaign with little green plane, the SAA received a huge amount of enquiries and purchases, which gave them a massive return on investment. With an outlay of £45 worth of credits, the SAA saw a return of over £5,000 in revenue and a significant increase in direct traffic to their online shop. The email focused on product updates, offers and membership features, which supplied their audience with quality information and resources and yielded high open and click-through rates.

Jessica Reynolds, marketing co-ordinator at the SAA, said: “The little green plane system has enabled us to be much more proactive in creating and delivering our e-news campaigns. We can now track and monitor all response activity much more accurately and have been able to use those results to better inform us for future campaigns. The support and service from the little green plane team has been excellent and we look forward to developing our capabilities to create more targeted and streamlined campaigns.”

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