Spam policy


little green plane is sensitive to the issues of unsolicited emails and spam. All of our customers must understand and abide by the principals of email protocol and follow a strict "opt-in" policy.

Basic Rules

  1. We require all emails that are sent on behalf of our customers to be "opt-in" communications. This means that all recipients must at one time have supplied their email address to receive email communications and/or have a pre-existing relationship with our customer.
  2. Opt-in subscription management tools must be employed at all times, while opt-out requests must be honoured without exception.
  3. Customers who upload email lists must agree to these terms and may be required to show proof of the opt-in nature of their list.

Opt-in tools

The little green plane service will provide the technical tools necessary to help enforce the "opt-in" nature of the newsletters. These tools include:

  1. Embedded subscription box - Every newsletter will include a simple subscription management module. Subscribers will therefore be able to easily add or remove their email address from the newsletter list.
  2. Instant remove link - Every email sent will also give recipients the option to remove themselves from the newsletter list. This will allow the recipient to instantly remove their email address from the list by means of a single click, thus preventing any further correspondence.
  3. Opt-in Confirmation - The system allows each subscription request to be answered with an immediate email, asking the subscriber to click a link to confirm their request. This will ensure a clean opt-in list is maintained for the Customer.
  4. Opt-out protection - In order to protect subscribers, the opt-in policy must be strictly enforced. When a recipient removes their email address, the system will remember who has done so and can prevent this person from being mistakenly re-added to the subscriber list.

Spam and little green plane policy abuse

Despite all of the above precautions, there remains the possibility that a customer will send newsletters to a person or persons who will view them as unsolicited. This may be the result of a misunderstanding between our customer and the recipient. Initially therefore, we ask such recipients to consider whether they are included in the "opt-in" email list used by our customer. However, in some cases, the newsletters may have been received due to an abuse of little green plane's email policies. If this is the case, the recipient is able to report Spam mail and little green plane policy abuse via a specific email link. To file a report, an email should be sent to