There's no point in creating a superb email if your data is unclean or untrustworthy. Our email marketing software offers you a range of useful data management features:

  1. Do Not Mail list

    Do Not Mail list

    Cleaning your contact list is important housekeeping. Our 'Do not mail' feature helps you ensure you don't accidentally mail clients who have unsubscribed, bounced or marked one of your emails as SPAM.
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  2. Automatic de-duping

    Automatic de-duping

    Sending the same email to a recipient more than once not only reflects badly on your company or organisation, it's a waste of your valuable budget. With our handy automatic de-duping feature, there's no problem.
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  3. Export to Excel

    Export to Excel

    We've made it easy to analyse and share your emailing data. You can export all data and contact information as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, giving you a detailed view of performance.
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  4.  Import subscribers

    Import subscribers

    To save you hours of time inserting your contacts one at a time, we've developed a useful ‘import subscribers’ feature so that you can upload them all at once. Simply save your contact list as an Excel CSV file.
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  5. Infinite lists

    Infinite lists

    Because we only charge for mailing, not data storage, you can upload and manage any number of contacts and lists. This gives you the flexibility to segment your contacts for more accurate targeting of propositions and offers.
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  6. Search for a contact

    Search for a contact

    If you need to update the details for someone in your database, you won't have to spend hours trawling through your lists to find them. Simply use our handy 'search for a contact' feature and go straight to the record.
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  7. Managing unsubscribes

    Managing unsubscribes

    By law, you must allow email recipients to unsubscribe from future mailings. Every email you send via our system has an unsubscribe mechanism which removes the unsubscribed contact from your mailing list.
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  8. Contact list management

    Contact list management

    Managing your mailing data is really quick and easy. You can build your contact lists by uploading Excel CSV files, using our 'Import subscribers' feature, or copy and pasting contacts manually.
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  9. Free web forms

    Free web forms

    Make it easy for your customers to respond to your emails. Create your own custom sign-up or contact forms for any list absolutely free. With just a few clicks, you can generate a unique HTML form code.
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  10. Export inactive and active contacts

    Export inactive and active contacts

    Why waste valuable mailing credits? Our inactive contacts checker automatically checks any lists which you import to see which email addresses are ready to mail and which are broken.
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