To make things even easier, our editor offers a number of useful additional design functions which save time and ensure compliance with best practice:

  1. Create from a previous

    Create from a previous

    To save time or ensure continuity, you may want to re-use a previous email format. Simply choose our ‘create from a previous’, make any necessary amendments and you're ready to go.
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  2. Image manager

    Image manager

    Make your emails picture perfect with our easy-to-use image manager. Simply place your cursor where you want the image to appear, click the Image Manager button, browse for your file and upload.
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  3. Import a template

    Import a template

    If you already have an existing HTML email template, you can use or adapt it for a new campaign. All you need is an Adobe Photoshop file or a zipped folder of the html file and associated images.
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  4. Template gallery

    Template gallery

    Choose from a range of free, professionally-designed templates to kick-start your email design. It's the fast, easy way to make your email attractive and effective, without incurring set-up or design costs.
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  5. Automatic plain text version

    Automatic plain text version

    Blackberries, older mobile handsets and some recipients only accept emails in plain text format. Instead of having to re-type the text manually, you can use our one-click button to extract it.
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  6. Word-style editor

    Word-style editor

    If you can use Word, you can use our text editor. It's really simple to type in and format your copy, adjusting type size and applying bolds, italics etc. What's more, you'll see instantly how your copy will look in the email.
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  7. Automatic unsubscribe button

    Automatic unsubscribe button

    By law you must allow recipients to opt out of any future mailings. Our editor automatically places an unsubscribe button at the bottom of your email to ensure compliance.
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  8. Forward to a friend

    Forward to a friend

    Recommendation is a strong selling tool and current customers can be valuable advocates for your products or services. A 'forward to a friend' button is a great way to widen your reach and find new hot prospects.
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  9. Personalisation


    Personalising your emails can significantly improve response rates. We provide a range of personalisation options, enabling you to make a real connection with the recipient and make them feel valued.
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  10.  View in browser

    View in browser

    Giving recipients the option to view your email in an internet browser is a good idea. What's more, it's really easy with our 'view in browser' feature, which automatically adds a web link to the top of your email.
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