2 emails or 2 million. You get the same great benefits.

We've created email marketing software that delivers power, flexibility, ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness for everyone. You get access to all the features, all the time – whether you're a light or heavy user.


Producing good-looking, professional email marketing campaigns is simple within our email software with our online editor. You can style text, include images, personalise your email and insert important features, such as 'unsubscribe' and 'forward to a friend' buttons.

Create beautiful emails


It's important to manage your email marketing data effectively to keep your lists up-to-date and avoid wasted emails. Our subscriber management system offers a range of useful features, from de-duping to importing or exporting data.

Powerful list management


Sending your newsletter campaign out is easy with our email marketing software. But before you press the button, you can run a range of diagnostic tests to ensure it has maximum chance of reaching its intended target and displaying correctly.

Delivery made simple


It's crucial to measure the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign to assess return on investment and help with future marketing planning. With our analysis tools you get real-time response data that's detailed and accurate.

All the reports you need