Why not view emails in your browser?

9th August 2012 By Louis Simpson in Testing

As there are so many different email clients out there, it’s nearly impossible to make your email look exactly the same on every single one. But there is an alternative option for your readers to view your email. 

Preview link at the top of the little green plane email campaign

Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Apple mail and all of the other email clients out there all have their own email rendering methods – some worse than others.

Here is a classic case in practice:

  • You spend hours making your email look exactly the way you want it
  • You send it to different email clients to test what it will look like in your inbox
  • You open the email
  • What do you know, one of the email clients has rendered the email differently compared to the rest

You can’t always make your email look exactly the same for every single one of your readers because they all view emails in different clients and on different devices.

You can overcome this issue, however, by making use of the view in browser option on your email campaign.

Take a look at the emails you receive in your inbox

You may notice that most of them use a view in browser option of some sort whether it’s View the online version of this email, or Email not looking right? View it online, which are often at the top of the email.

Providing a view in browser option will render the email in a pure HTML form in the reader’s web browser. little green plane supports the view in browser link in the code snippets drop down menu which can be found within the email editor.

So the bottom line is...

If you find yourself spending a lot of time making your email look the same in all of the email clients available, think about adding a preview link to the top of your email so your readers have the option of viewing the email online if it doesn’t look quite right.

Louis Simpson
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