Using video in email marketing

31st October 2011 By Sam Burrows in Email design

Everyone wants it; no-one can have it. Video is one of the things we have had to learn to live without in emails. Some people try to get round this by embedding the videos.
Video in email

We have found that embedding videos doesn’t often work in HTML emails. This is mainly down to the fact that video requires JavaScript, which can be blocked by anti-virus software.

We find the most effective way around this is to have an image link to a web page where the video is displayed.

By doing it this way, you immediately eliminate any problems you may have viewing the video within the email browser. You can also track who has viewed your video using the little green plane tracking within our reports section.

Another effective solution is to use animated gifs for short snippets of video.

This may not be the slickest way to view the video; however animated gifs are a lot more widely supported in emails than other alternatives such as flash.

Let us know what your experiences have been using video in email marketing in the comments box below.

Sam Burrows
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