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7th October 2011 By Louis Simpson in Technical help

Using little green plane’s subscribe and unsubscribe page feature helps you easily link web pages to provide a 'welcome - here's what to expect' message when subscribers opt-in to receive your emails or a 'sorry to see you leave' message if they opt-out.

Using these pages, particularly the subscribe one, can help enhance your relationship with your customers. Providing a message makes them feel valued. It shows you care. Ultimately, these type of small details can have a positive and lasting effect on your conversion rates.

A 'thanks for subscribing' page should include a note to tell subscribers how often you will be sending them your e-shots plus a list of the benefits they will be receive from their sign-up. A 'sorry you're leaving' message should be short and sweet and contain a confirmation that the subscriber has been removed from your list.

For the best results, brand the landing page with your company’s logo and colour scheme, keeping a consistent theme throughout.

To use little green plane’s subscribe and unsubscribe page feature, follow these simple steps:

1. Create a landing page on your website for new subscribers and a separate one for unsubscribers.

2. Add a personalised message which let’s the contact know what action they have performed (subscribed or unsubscribed). Also think about any useful next steps for new subscribers.

3. Copy the full page URL, including the http:// section, and log into little green plane.

4. Go into the contact list you want to add this feature to, then click the button on the right hand side which says ‘List Settings’.

5. Paste the URL you have copied into either the ‘Subscribe page’ field, or the ‘Unsubscribe page’ field.

6. Save your list.

Violà! You will have personalised landing pages for new subscribers or unsubscribers.

Just remember to be professional and link the content to what they expect. So no surprises!

Louis Simpson
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