Understanding your audience

28th August 2009 By Matt Horsup in Copywriting

By spending a little time up front identifying and indeed segmenting your audience will provide significant results.

For example, if you are targeting a technical audience your communication is going to be considerably different to those in advertising.

Points to Consider:

  • Subject - Which subjects are they interested in? This is not to be confused with subject lines. (Another subject all together.)

  • Tone - What tone to use for your communication? It is informal and friendly or corporate and professional.

  • Creative - How are they influenced by creative design?  Can you be bold and push the boundaries or do you need to be conservative.

  • Incentives - What incentives do you try? Again the effectiveness of incentives will largely depend on how relevant they are to the audience.

Final thought, understand them first and be relevant!

Matt Horsup
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