Turning click-throughs to customers with Google

10th March 2011 By Louise Stephens in Email design

So you’ve devised a perfectly formed email marketing campaign, selected a strong database of customers to send it to and have scheduled a send date. Now it’s simply a case of waiting for the campaign to be sent and watch the statistics roll in, right?

Scrutinising the number of bounces, opens and click-throughs is just the first part of tracking the success of your campaign. If you want to measure the true return on investment (ROI) of your handy work, you need to integrate your email marketing campaign with your web stats using a system such as Google Analytics. little green plane allows you to do this at a click of the button.

All you need to do is go to the broadcasting section of your dashboard and click the icon that says ‘schedule send’. The second box down will give you the option to add a campaign source (you could put something like “little green plane”) and campaign name (“March 2011 campaign”). As long as you have Google Analytics running on your company website, you are good to go! If you don’t have Google Analytics, get it here.

Here are just a few of the benefits of tagging your email marketing campaigns with Google Analytics:

  • You can see at a glance who has become an actual customer, not just who has clicked through to your site
  • You can set up ‘goals’ in Google Analytics to measure specific targets, including email marketing ones
  • It provides greater measurability than just pure email marketing data alone
  • It offers instant ROI (and some great stats to show your boss!)

It would be great to hear your experiences of linking your email marketing campaigns with Google Analytics. What do you think of this system? Does it work for you?

Louise Stephens
About the Author

Louise Stephens

Louise is an email marketing consultant at little green plane. She advises and builds lasting relationships with our existing clients as well as handling all new business. Louise also conducts full demonstrations of our software and will advise on the right package for your business. Louise is passionate about email marketing and will happily train clients on a number of topics including; best practice, engaging your audience and getting the best return on your investment.