The new Photoshop Importer

27th July 2009 By Louis Simpson in Email design

The Photoshop Importer is a newly added little green plane feature which automatically assembles an email from a simple zip folder containing the HTML and images. It uploads all the images to our servers and then modifies the pathways to all images within the HTML to the correct addresses.

This enables designers and developers to build and test email on their own systems using their preferred software then upload those creations into little green plane, where they will be converted into fully functioning emails. This method of creating emails is both time saving and guarantees proper image linking and functionality.

Once the email is uploaded into little green plane it is saved, you can modify the content prior, perform a number of functions include validation and sending previews and even recycle for another campaign later on.

Louis Simpson
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Louis Simpson

Louis is a support advisor for little green plane, answering client queries and assisting on a range of technical issues. Louis and the rest of the support team ensure the customer service you experience with little green plane is second-to-none; guiding you through the email marketing process from start to finish in a business language that you understand.