Stop SHOUTING at me!

6th September 2010 By Mark Chalklen in Email design

One of the most common gripes I have with the emails that land in my inbox, (aside from the ones consistently questioning my manliness and offering to fix my male anatomical deficiencies) are the emails that shout at me. I doubt I will ever quite understand why people feel that their message is any stronger or more appealing if they use capitals. Consider these subject lines:

  • Your tailored support package awaits
  • Get your PERSONALISED package NOW

It may be a purely personal thing, but for me, the effect of the subject lines gets weaker as we go down the list. I have little tolerance for people shouting their messages at me. The same is true of browsing webpage’s - I find that as soon as I encounter capitalised text, I stop reading the message. I have heard it referred to as a sign of ignorance, inexperience or sheer desperation, but personally I just find it rude.

Mark Chalklen
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