Spread the word with our send to friend feature

little green plane’s send to friend option gives your customers the chance to share their email with friends, colleagues, family members, or anyone else with an email address.

  Using the send to friend option has benefits for both you and your customers:

  • Sends an original version of your campaign as you intended it to be received
  • Any personalisation can be updated so that it is addressed to the recipient of the send to friend option
  • You can track how many people have sent their email to a friend in your reporting section of your little green plane account

Now you maybe asking ‘why don’t they just use the forward option in their email client?’ 

Well, the forward option can cause its own problems because each email client adds its own bits of code into your email to make it display correctly.

So as the email is forwarded on, the email may not look as you initially intended. Also, you cannot track these forwarded emails which means you can’t find out how many more people have received your email. And finally, any personalisation cannot be updated so the person receiving the email that has been forwarded onto them will see that it has been addressed to someone else.

So whether your sending out product-based emails, your latest new update, or an invitation to a open event, expand your recipients by including little green plane’s send to friend code snippet.

Louis Simpson
About the Author

Louis Simpson

Louis is a support advisor for little green plane, answering client queries and assisting on a range of technical issues. Louis and the rest of the support team ensure the customer service you experience with little green plane is second-to-none; guiding you through the email marketing process from start to finish in a business language that you understand.