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23rd October 2009 By Mark Chalklen in Email design

So you want to know more, don't we all! You want to plot your opens/clicks, but you dont want to know IP location as this changes. Plotting IP address alone can sometimes be unreliable as this isn't always a true reflection of where your contacts actually are. For one, the high usage of mobile devices means people often read emails whilst on the move. You really want to know actual, physical location of where the interest is based, not where they happen to be when they open or click. Well, so do we...
And so now you can. If you upload a contact list with a UK postcode for each contact and run a campaign, you will be able to plot the location of where they are based.

As you would expect from the use of our Google map, you can pan around the world and zoom right down to street level.

You can plot either opens or clicks. This is very useful if you are interested in knowing where your contacts are located, and identifying packets of interest.

Mark Chalklen
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