Objectives for the year

17th March 2011 By Louise Stephens in Email design

With the New Year well underway, there has never been a better time to reflect on the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns and set some objectives for the rest of the year. Here at little green plane, we have devised a few email objectives that you may wish to consider.

Be regular: Keeping in regular contact with your clients is a must. Be honest with yourself; in the last year did you set a target to send a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly email to your clients? How did you do?

Be strategic: Create a plan to start from January and hit the ground running. Define the purpose of your planned campaigns; subjects, tone, look and decide which groups of customers will be targeted. If you need to, give your email design a refresh; why not use our subtly different coloured templates or a design tweak for the time of year?

Be consistent: If you know you are going to be busy, plan ahead. You can schedule your campaigns for a full year in advance. Be consistent in tone and content and decide how your series of campaigns will sound to your clients and stick to them. Ensure your text is proof read, your contact list up-to-date and pictures re-sized for web.

Be relevant: Avoiding the dreaded list fatigue is best achieved by remaining relevant to your subscribers. Some of the best examples we see of this involves offering an easy option to feedback about emails in a 'what would you like to see?' manner.

Be inventive: Experiment with timings, tone and subject lines. Don’t be afraid to be too quirky. Review your content and find a new inventive way to get your message across. Explore other related marketing channels and try to run integrated campaigns linking to your other marketing resources such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Plan ahead: Don’t leave it until the last minute. Have a plan and, like a boy scout, always be prepared.

Louise Stephens
About the Author

Louise Stephens

Louise is an email marketing consultant at little green plane. She advises and builds lasting relationships with our existing clients as well as handling all new business. Louise also conducts full demonstrations of our software and will advise on the right package for your business. Louise is passionate about email marketing and will happily train clients on a number of topics including; best practice, engaging your audience and getting the best return on your investment.