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6th October 2010 By Sam Burrows in Email design

Role based emails are those that represent a function rather than an actual person. Examples of role addresses can start with: admin@, sales@, info@ etc… Now these can often be forwarded to several people within an organisation or just sit untouched in an inbox. Either way this can cause you problems.

Problem 1 – Waste your credits

Much like giving your mates number to a girl in a club when you don’t want her to call you, people often give out a ‘role email’ when they don’t want their inbox bombarded by your emails. So bare in mind these emails are probably not the best emails to use up your credits on.

Problem 2 – Increase the possibility of being blacklisted.

A list heavily populated with role emails can often make it look like it’s been purchased. Purchased lists are not ‘opt-in’ lists, therefore you are much more likely to run into people not wanting to receive the email, increasing the likelihood complaints and being blacklisted.

Problem 3 – “I don’t want to be forwarded this email!”.

As role emails usually forward to a number of people, (ie. sales@... will often be forwarded to all of the sales team) the likelihood of everyone who receives the email actually wanting to receive it is very low and makes it hard for people to unsubscribe. You also face running into the issue that some people may be getting forwarded emails from a number of different role emails, therefore could receive the email numerous times.

As the removal of role based emails from lists is becoming much more of an industry standard and taking all of the points above into account, little green plane has chosen to stop the upload of role base emails into data lists.

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Sam Burrows
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Sam Burrows

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