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6th September 2010 By Sam Burrows in Email design

There are three main rules that you have to adhere to when sending out a campaign.

Rule 1 – The recipient must have opted in

Email marketing is permission based, so make sure you acquire the recipients emails before bombarding their inbox.

Rule 2 - Never conceal your identity

The recipient must always be able to see who the email has come from. This also means you have to display your full address for opt-out requests.

Rule 3 – There must be an opt out option

There is nothing worse than receiving emails that you’re not interested in, they just clog up your inbox and take both time and effort to get rid of. You may have also signed up to something which is not what you thought it was or over time you become less interested in. For these reasons you have to give the recipient the option to stop receiving your emails.

Luckily for rules 2 and 3, little green plane has it covered. When you sign-up for an account, you automatically have to add your details. When you send a campaign, i.send pulls these details from your account and adds them to the footer along with an unsubscribe option making sure you are not breaking the rules.

Sam Burrows
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