Keeping your data clean

7th May 2013 By Sam Burrows in Strategy

In email marketing, it is essential to keep your data clean, relevant, and up to date. What I mean by that is that it may be a long time since you have contacted a recipient, or you may not have contacted them at all, so do not know how relevant the information will be to them. You don’t want to waste your credits emailing someone who has no interest in reading what you have to say, the same way, as a recipient you don’t want to be bombarded by information that is irrelevant to you. Giving people the option to opt-out or update their information is a polite way of getting round this issue.

The simplest, but effective way (and the way that little green plane suggest) is by sending an “are we still welcome email”.  An “are we still welcome email” simply asks the recipient if they still want to receive your emails, and gives them either the option to carry on receiving emails or unsubscribe by clicking one of two buttons.

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Sam Burrows
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Sam Burrows

Sam is the lead designer for little green plane. A key driving force within the design team, he ensures any email templates and landing pages designed for you are fresh and engaging, whilst adhering to best practice guidelines and your existing brand collateral.