Importing your data using a .CSV file

20th April 2011 By Louis Simpson in Email design

Most people will have a log of their business contacts in Microsoft Excel, Word or a database programme of some kind. The last thing you would want to do when using a new email marketing system is spend hours tapping these contacts out again, so we have made it easy here to upload your contacts in one fell swoop by using a .CSV file.

In basic terms a .CSV file removes any formatting from your list and processes the data no matter what order it is in. This makes it easier for i.send to understand and can allow you to upload your contacts in one go.

Here comes the (very basic) science to creating your very own .CSV file. You need to start off with an Excel file. If you haven’t got one, most database programmes such as ACT! allow you to simply export your data into this format. Once you have your Excel sheet filled with your data, click Save As then scroll down to find the .CSV option. Hey presto, it is done!

little green plane automatically guides you through the process of uploading your contacts and gives you the opportunity to match up the data by cross referencing your original headers to the field name that it has picked up. Once your data is in, your email designed and tested, you will then be ready for the big send.

The perfectly formed .CSV file makes it quick and easy to get your email marketing up-and-running. Check out our previous blog on managing your contacts better for more top tips.

Louis Simpson
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Louis Simpson

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