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7th May 2013 By Sam Burrows in Email design

Whether you are an email marketing veteran or are just starting out, you will probably have heard of SPAM. SPAM is essentially emails sent to a list of people that has been flagged as dodgy or unwanted. When sending emails, it is inevitable that some of your emails may get blocked by SPAM filters. SPAM filters pick up your emails for a number of reasons…

One thing we have noticed recently is these filters have become very strict when it comes to emails that are too image heavy. We suggest that having a good image to text ratio will give your email the best chance of getting through the spam filters. As a rule of thumb, you should stick to a maximum of 40% image to 60% text.

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Sam Burrows
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Sam Burrows

Sam is the lead designer for little green plane. A key driving force within the design team, he ensures any email templates and landing pages designed for you are fresh and engaging, whilst adhering to best practice guidelines and your existing brand collateral.