I just hit send, so where is it?

15th December 2009 By Matt Davy in Email design

So you just hit send on your first email campaign and are eagerly awaiting the results of your handiwork but nothing's happening, what's going on?

DON'T PANIC - You have not done anything wrong it is just that the sender runs on a 10 minute cycle. So when you hit the send button the campaign could be broadcast at any point between instantly and 10 minutes time depending upon where the sender is within its cycle. Some say that it works this way to build the tension and anticipation of your first campaign, but I'm afraid the real reason is far more technical and much less interesting (I won't bore you with the details).

So just sit back, relax and wait to see the results in the 'recent campaign' page of the 'reports' section. This is where all the useful and interesting stuff happens as you can watch as people open and click on the email by refreshing the page!

Matt Davy
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