How To: Get a Full House With Event Email

15th November 2012 By Louise Stephens in Strategy

A report from Hubspot stated that 76% of businesses use email to market an event – and that email was the most effective tactic over word-of-mouth, information on a website, mailed invitations, telephone calls or social media.

The same report also noted that the biggest challenges in hosting an event were getting people to respond to invites, getting invitees to pay attention to the invites and minimising the number of no-shows or drop outs.

Louise Stephens – Email Marketing Consultant at email service provider little green plane has put together a fool proof strategy to ensure that you have a full house at your event!

‘This is a great way to plan a marketing strategy for any event, however it is important to consider the time scales you need to put in place for your event. Some larger events will need to be promoted far in advance, sometimes up to 12 months before the event date, whereas smaller events may only need a months prior promotion..’

Things to consider before you start:

  • Use the right tool for the job! – Use proper email marketing software, sending through outlook is bad practice at the best of times and looks very unprofessional when promoting an event.
  • Make life easy for yourself – where possible schedule your emails in advance to ensure the campaigns go at the right time and are not forgotten.
  • Simple registration – Don’t make registering for the event arduous for your delegates, you will lose people half way through, ensure that your email contains a piece of code that will auto-populate the registration form with as much of your delegates information as possible. This will significantly improve your conversion rate… (For more information on this please contact the little green plane team on: 0845 8620144)
Up to 6 weeks before your event:

  • Now is the time to offer early bird specials: Give your audience an incentive to book early, whether it is money off or the best seats in the house, really entice them to act sooner rather than later.
  • Develop a list of exciting reasons why they should come to your event (you will need these for follow up campaigns!)
  • Get endorsements: Use the feedback and testimonials you have from past events to add kudos to this one. Key influencers feedback will go a very long way to encouraging new delegates to book.
Send an email to your subscribers with your early bird offer, use one of your exciting reasons, and a testimonial to really kick off your marketing.

Up to 5 weeks prior:

  • Decide if you still need to offer the early bird incentive… If enough delegates have booked after your first email you may decide not to continue with this offer.
  • Tell them that there are only 5 short weeks until the event and emphasise the limited number of spaces left.
Send another email to your subscribers with another one of your exciting reasons to attend and if you can another testimonial from a key influencer.

4 week prior:

  • Time is ticking by and your audience need to know that, send them another email reminding them that the time in which they have to book is getting shorter!
Email all the people who are yet to respond to your previous campaigns, and send a separate campaign to those who have booked asking if they would like to refer or bring a friend. Now is also a great time to promote your event through social media, ask your subscribers to share this invite through their networks to increase your exposure to likeminded people.

3 weeks prior:

  • Keep labouring the point that time is ticking and use another exciting reason to come to your event
  • Encourage social sharing wherever possible, ask friends from your industry to post on their networks and really spread the word!
Similar email to the week before and don’t forget to really encourage people to tell their friends. Now is also a good time to take stock of numbers, you don’t want to over book!

2 weeks prior:

  • Another email to non-engagers with a reason why they should book
  • Email to delegates that have booked to give them exclusive information about the event and let them know that you can’t wait to see them there!
1 week prior:

  • Email any non- responders with a ‘last chance’ message.
  • Send another email to booked delegates giving them another snippet of information regarding your event and ask again to bring a friend.
3 days prior:

  • This is your final chance to pick up any non-engagers this really is their last chance to get a seat
  • Email your delegates with full information of the event, including location, parking and refreshments. 
Let your delegates know how much you are looking forward to the event and meeting them, make it personal and spread some excitement.

Event day:

  • Quick email out with event details and a short message telling them how much you are looking forward to seeing them!
Day after the event:

  • Follow up to all of your attendee’s thanking them for coming, access to the slides if needed and an update on other events they might be interested in.
  • There is likely to be a proportion of people who couldn’t make the event last minute so a ‘Sorry we missed you’ message informing them of your next event is a nice touch.
  • Time to let the non-engagers know what they missed out on, pictures and testimonials are a great way of doing this as well as letting them know when the next event is, because let’s face it they won’t want to miss out again!
If you need help with your event marketing strategy little green plane are here to help, with great ideas on how to write engaging copy, to designing the perfect email. Contact Louise by email or by phone on: 0845 8620144 for more information.

Alternatively if you would like to find out more about the little green plane priceless email marketing roadshows, please visit our events page

Louise Stephens
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Louise Stephens

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