Google Analytics - what's it all about?

22nd September 2009 By Matt Davy in Email design

If you are not already using Google Analytics on your website then its worth looking into. It provides enterprise level website analytics and reports and is completely FREE! It also allows you to track your little green plane campaigns further. In fact its so good we also integrate it with our i.content product.

Check it out here:

Google Analytics tracking within little green plane is only appropriate if you use Google Analytics to monitor your website statistics. By adding some tracking information to the email you can isolate the results of the email within your analytics account. With this feature enabled you will be able to see the traffic that is directly related to the campaign.

Why should you use it when little green plane tracks clicks and opens directly from the email?

Because it allows you to derive what traffic has been generated by individual little green plane campaigns. 

How to use it?

Simply check the 'Use Google Analytics Tracking' check box on the 'Schedule Campaign' page and add a Campaign source and Campaign name before you hit the send button.

We suggest that you specify the Campaign Source as 'little green plane' as this will keep all the email results together. The Campaign Name should be a unique name, that describes the content or purpose of the email, so that you can identify them within your analytics account.

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