Five cleaning tips for your email data lists

27th February 2012 By Louis Simpson in Deliverability

Spring is a great time to have a clean out. Why not use it to take a look at your email marketing data lists?

Content is king in email marketing so make sure your lists are the best they can be to ensure the best results. If you are using poor data, such as bought lists, sending emails to people who have not willingly subscribed or continuing to mail inactive recipients, you may encounter some issues.

Here are our top spring cleaning tips for your email marketing database:

  • Segment your list: Most email marketers start out sending the same email to one big list. Think about the ways you could divide up your audience then send them tailored info. Treating each customer based on their preferences will help you communicate smarter with them and help generate more revenue. You can segment your data using any info you have collected, such as geographical location, last purchase by date, age, gender, type of purchase or service request.
  • Build detailed profiles: Stop and really think about your subscribers. Then send them information correlated to their needs and you will see a good return for your efforts. Ask yourself; where do they live, when do they read their emails, what are they clicking on and what they are purchasing or enquiring about? What have they recently bought? You could send out a survey email asking them how often they wish to receive mailings and what sort of content they want.
  • Examine unsubscribes: Once subscribers are gone, it is near impossible to get them back. Prevention is better than cure. The best way of managing any unsubscribes is to regularly examine your statistics. Most good email marketing agencies will track your unsubscribe rates in the campaign summary data, marking your unsubscribe rate against the industry average, the date the unsubscribe happened and the reason why to help you track the source reason.
  • Don’t be tempted to buy a data list: Any good email marketing agency worth its salt will not allow you to use purchased data lists. It can affect the sender reputation of the email agency and all of the clients using their system. Plus your results will be poor. Your best bet is to use data that you have grown organically yourself, from people who have agreed to receive your information.
  • Market your list properly to new subscribers: Website capture forms, promoting on your email signature, adding a Send to a Friend button on your campaigns, circulating sign-up forms at any events and using Facebook and Twitter will all help attract interested and relevant subscribers.
There are many more ways to ensure good data hygiene of your email lists. Check out our guide on Managing Your Data to find out more.

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