First impressions - the preview panel

3rd December 2009 By Louis Simpson in Email design

We would all like to think that everyone who receives our emails takes the time to read every word and appreciate our hard work, but the truth is the delete option is only a mouse click or key stroke away unless we can capture their interest almost immediately.

That is why it is important to ensure that the recipient will judge your email positively from what they see at first glance (i.e. the preview pane). Try to summarise the email clearly and concisely in the subject line, if you have any images position them first as people tend to scan for them before focusing on text and in text don't hide your point away in a long paragraphs which they might never finish reading. Be bold and remember that you are asking people for their time and effort and no one what's to waste either.

Louis Simpson
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Louis Simpson

Louis is a support advisor for little green plane, answering client queries and assisting on a range of technical issues. Louis and the rest of the support team ensure the customer service you experience with little green plane is second-to-none; guiding you through the email marketing process from start to finish in a business language that you understand.