Engaging content 1: Keep it focussed

18th June 2012 By Louise Stephens in Copywriting

Suffering from writers block..? Writing engaging content for your email campaigns can be tough. In this blog post we provide some copywriting pearls on how to keep your content focussed. Being focussed in your writing is one of the main corner stones of engagement in order for you to generate the response you desire from your email campaign.

This can be broken down into three sub-categories;

  • Audience
  • Medium
  • Network


It is very easy to fall into the trap of trying to consider everyone at the same time when copywriting. As we all know in everyday life this is impossible, so why would it work in marketing? Rather than focussing on your target audience as a group of people, separate them into individuals.

Imagine this person sitting opposite you.

Who is that person that you are trying to attract and educate?
What are their ideals?
What do they look like?
What are their hobbies?
What are they interested in?

By imagining this person in the flesh you are then able to build an affiliation with them and, ultimately, an understanding of what they want. 


What are you trying to communicate?

Get to the point; email marketing is all about being concise with your message. 

Decide what you want to say and say it. Use your email to get the point out there and use social media tools, a blog or website to tell the rest of the story.


Who are the people that will help you reach your target audience?

Find out who in your network influences your target audience and use them to build a buzz around your company. Why do it alone? Use the power of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to enhance your reach into your consumers. 

Ask a partner organisation to write a guest blog and use that as content to your email. The more you can share the better, as collaboration brings the opportunity to share contacts and knowledge.

This is part one of the engaging content blog post series. Check out part two, building credibility,
 and part three, why consistency is key, and tell us what you think!

Louise Stephens
About the Author

Louise Stephens

Louise is an email marketing consultant at little green plane. She advises and builds lasting relationships with our existing clients as well as handling all new business. Louise also conducts full demonstrations of our software and will advise on the right package for your business. Louise is passionate about email marketing and will happily train clients on a number of topics including; best practice, engaging your audience and getting the best return on your investment.