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6th December 2010 By Sam Burrows in Email design

When you broadcast your email, you will see a whole host of stats that give you different measures of how successful your campaign was, including an ‘open’ rate.

little green plane includes a tiny transparent image in all emails that needs to be downloaded in order to track it. little green plane will mark a recipient as an ‘open’ when they click through, if they have not already been tracked.

Used as a general guide, open rates can offer an insight into recipient trends. You can increase your open rates by creating appealing and interesting subject lines, placing the most relevant content first, timing the send to match your audience, and sending your campaigns out regularly (but not too often).

In addition, the more emails that get delivered, the more chance you have of people looking at the emails. The more targeted the list, the better the open rate. If you have signed people up into a general list you might not know if they will be interested in your email marketing tips or your SEO best practice updates.

You should always use other metrics in your evaluation including clicks, site traffic, and purchases. Remember the open rate is only one statistic which is at your disposal within your reports, so our advice is not to focus on it too much just because it is a traditional metric.

Sam Burrows
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Sam Burrows

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