Email marketing ideas for Father's Day

15th June 2012 By Louis Simpson in Copywriting

When it comes to spreading the man love on Father’s Day, forget a sad bunch of carnations bought at the garage and obligatory tie.  We give you some top tips on how to make the most of your targeted email campaigns in our latest blog post.

Father’s Day is a GREAT time for…

  • Retailers: if you’re selling BBQ & DIY equipment, books, technology and gadgets, alcohol and accessories, coffee machines, gardening and audio-visual equipment, Father’s Day is a great time to air your wares, provide discount codes and run competitions

  • Hospitality firms: run a pub, restaurant, hotel, golf or sports club? Why not use email marketing to run a Father’s Day meal offer or sell a subscription to your facilities?

  • Experience day companies: From skydives, race track days, sailing tuition to a luxury day at the races, if you’re selling experience days, Father’s Day could provide an excellent revenue stream for your goods

Email marketing tips for Father’s Day:

  1. Sell, sell, sell! Send out gift ideas, vouchers and run competitions to stir up interest

  2. One email is not enough: issue several reminder e-shots (one week to go, two days to go, last day to buy, to build momentum)

  3. Shout about the extras: if you are providing extended delivery slots or other last minute incentives these are worth publicising on email too

  4. Think about updating your template design for any email you are planning to send over the Father’s Day weekend. A slight design tweak can refresh your campaign, increase engagement and conversion

  5. Use personalisation if you have the data for extra brownie points

  6. Don't forget about the landing page: when the email subscriber clicks the link for more info, where does it take them? A generic product listings page on your website or a branded Father's Day product-specific page?
What are your email marketing plans for Father's Day? Any other tips to add?

Louis Simpson
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