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7th December 2011 By Sam Burrows in Email design

Working in email marketing, I sign up to every email I come across. As well as all the new and exciting things that come into my inbox, I also get a lot of emails that frustrate me as a user. The main culprit tends to be event emails.

People don’t want to trawl through paragraph after paragraph looking for key bits of information that really should be the fundamental part of the campaign. Make the experience easy for the recipient or face losing their business.

Things to include:

What it is

Often a paragraph is all that is needed to explain what the event is about. If the user wants more information, they will be happy to click through to read more information. Recipients' attention spans on emails is short, so don’t beat about the bush…get straight to the point.

Where it is

Often location is key to whether someone will actually attend the event. You don’t want to lose their attention before they actually realise the event is just down the road.

When it is

Make this clear so they can save the date in their diary.
And finally…

How do I book

The most important part of an event email is the call to action. Whether it’s a button that links through to a sign-up page or a phone number where they can call up and register, this cannot get lost in the email. If the call to action is hidden, all the information you have given them is probably a waste of time.

Sam Burrows
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Sam Burrows

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