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16th November 2009 By Matt Horsup in Email design

If you have read my previous blogs you can see that there is a common theme of being relevant and targeted. Performing some split testing can help you understand your audience and how to turn emails into conversions.

The table below illustrates three campaigns sent with a total of 10,000 sent in each campaign.

Email A has a good 'Open rate' and a reasonable 'click through' rate to the website resulting in 300 enquiries.

Email B has a different subject title and different content to Email A, which has resulted in a drop in the Open Rate but the Click Though rate is promising.

Email C provides has a great open rate (therefore the subject line is performing well) but the email content and call to action is failing miserably.

So to really make this approach work, it would be worth combining the subject title of Email 'C' with the content and call to action of Email 'B'.



% Opens

% Click Thru


Email A





Email B





Email C





The great thing about this evaluation process is that is it very straight forward to perform. Try using the 'compare campaign' reporting function within little green plane to automate the evaluation.

My final thought it to consider the entire process from email through to online conversion. We see on many occasions where companies have put together well thought out email campaigns which has resulted in lots of quality traffic to their website, but the site has become a barrier in the final part of the conversion. (It's like driving all of your prospective clients to the front door of your business but it looks if it looks a bit tatty or run down from the outside they will be reluctant to walk through it!).

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