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13th December 2012 By Louise Stephens in Strategy

Did you know that 60% of email marketers do not segment their data? Are you one of them… from that statistic I am going to be bold and say yes, you probably are!

Why don‘t we as marketer’s to this simple task as a routine part of every campaign? The answer is 2 fold…

  1. We don’t know our audiences properly 
  2. ‘We don’t have time’
The simple truth of this is; by not segmenting your data you are damaging the results and the quality of your campaigns.  I have come up with a few simple steps you can all take so that segmenting your data is quick and easy:

  1. Know your audience – Make profiles for your specific audience groups, think of them as individuals and be as detailed as possible, this will help you relate to them in your messages.
  2. Look at their previous behavior – this is one of the best places to start with segmenting if you know you have a group of people who click on a specific service or product, give them more of what they want!
  3. Test!! – Test various ways to segment your data to find what works best, here are some ideas for you: 
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Time & day
  • Purchase history
  • Behavior
The most important thing is to do something with your data even if you only have a small number of contacts, don’t be afraid to only send to small groups either, what I mean by this is you might find that once you have segmented your data you only have a very small number of contacts in one list, the temptation with this is to add them to another list to make it seem more substantial… DO NOT DO THIS! Even if there are only 10 people in a group it is still worth sending them a tailored message!

It sounds so simple and really doesn't take a huge amount of resource to set up, I am always telling people to be clever with their email marketing, and this is one of the best ways to increase conversions and ROI. Give it a go and see how you get on!

If you would like some help with planning your strategy or more information or advice on segmenting your data please contact Louise on: 0845 8620144 or email at: louise.stephens@littlegreenplane.com 

Louise Stephens
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Louise Stephens

Louise is an email marketing consultant at little green plane. She advises and builds lasting relationships with our existing clients as well as handling all new business. Louise also conducts full demonstrations of our software and will advise on the right package for your business. Louise is passionate about email marketing and will happily train clients on a number of topics including; best practice, engaging your audience and getting the best return on your investment.