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6th August 2012 By Louise Stephens in Email design

How often do you check your emails on your mobile? In a recent study by YouGov 40% of the UK population owned a smartphone in December 2011 (I suspect this figure will have increased considerably by the end of 2012). A staggering 67% of these people use their smartphones to access their email (study by Comscore June 2011).

People are becoming increasingly impatient, in a world where we expect everything to literally be at our fingertips it is vital that your emails and landing pages are optimised for mobile.

Only 29% of Europeans will open your email later on a laptop or PC but 41% would delete or forget about the email if it did not render properly on their mobile according to a recent study by e-dialogue.

This is a huge missed opportunity for email marketers

Optimising for mobile should not be taken for granted… Statistics from e-consultancy’s email marketing census 2012 suggest that 39% of businesses have no strategy when it comes to optimising for mobile and only 37% have a basic structure in place.

So…how do you create emails optimised for mobile?

First off you need to understand the percentage of users that are looking at your campaign on their mobile. This will normally range anywhere from 5% to 25% of your contacts.

The next thing to do is think about the whole experience, there is little point in creating a beautiful email optimised for mobile if your landing pages from your call to action (CTA) are not. Think about ensuring your site works on a mobile too.

Some little green plane top tips for design and content for mobile devices:

Simplicity – In my recent blog How to create engaging content I talked about focussing on what you want the audience to do. This is even more important on a mobile as space is limited. Make it very clear what is expected of the reader and make that simple to do.

The fat finger – Speaks for itself really, when it comes to CTA buttons, make them larger with a straight forward layout, there is nothing worse than trying to push a button and inadvertently pressing another link in the process!

Divide the email in half
– As I previously stated space is limited on a mobile so cut your emails in half. Desktop emails are 600 pixels wide, and iPhone for example (other mobile devices are available!) is only 320 pixels wide, design with this in mind. If you need help with this there are some great ‘Post it notes’ available in the shape of an iPhone so that you can draw out your design and test the layout and CTA buttons before creating the mailer:

Ultimately though it all comes down to design, get that right and half the battle is won!

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