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20th January 2010 By Mark Chalklen in Email design

So, you've sent your campaign and are now excitedly looking at the plethora of reports available. Although opens are a typical measure of a campaigns 'success' we prefer to focus on clicks. Opens can occur by mistake but a click is a 'positive action'. This means, a contact has been interested enough from the teaser copy you have provided to find out more.
Lets look at the click reports in a little more detail. If you go into the 'Click Activity' report you will see a graphical representation of the campaigns clicks over time. By default this shows the first day's activity, something like this: 

You can easily change the report time span to look in more detail, for example the first hour. Look in the top right of the report and you should see something like this: 

This proves very useful when analysing the most appropriate time of your sends, something that you will learn over time. Don't be afraid to try different times, although it is generally regarded that B2B emails work best within working hours and B2C emails also work at weekends, this isn't always the case. try to learn not only what your audience are interested in, but when they are interested in responding.
Returning to the click activity report, if you have sent at an appropriate time, you will typically find that there is a peak in activity when the campaign is first sent which then diminishes over time. Sometimes you will notice another, much smaller peak later on in the campaign, particularly if you send a B2B email on a Friday and people don't get it until Monday. If you need to, you can also highlight an area of the graph to zoom in on.

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