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29th March 2012 By Louise Stephens in Industry comment

With ten bank holidays for the UK this year, your email recipients will have plenty of down time.  If you’re a B2C firm, bank holidays can prove a marvelous time to sell your goods – Easter gifts, Father’s Day socks, clothes and CDs particularly spring to mind.

However, if you’re in the B2B market, you might not think about targeting your recipients during the bank holidays. “They’re not at their desks”, we hear you cry.

You’ll probably know that not all email recipients read their emails at work on the desktop.

My mobile phone and iPad are set up to receive my work and personal emails. Wherever I am in the world, as long as I have a Wi-Fi or 3G signal, I am (sadly) accessible.

During the hols, I might be quickly browsing my emails at home to check out two of my favourite retailers, Groupon and ASOS, but as my emails are up, I’ll also scan my work emails.

I also often save informational emails, such as ones from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, to a ‘read later’ folder that I have made in Outlook, then dig them out on my leave to catch up with industry trends and legislation.

Want to send an email out during the forthcoming bank holidays?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Under take a split test – take half our your database and send out your usual mailing to the first half during the working week and the same email to the second half of your database during the next bank holiday and compare the results
  • Create an email specific to the bank holiday in question, ensuring the actual design, wording and imagery of the email reflects that particular bank holiday and track results
  • Send out a bank holiday offer – Obviously this is key for retailers. However, if you are B2B you could try offering a money off scheme, voucher for a service or a guide to download that is only redeemable until the end of the break

So, will sending your emails to your target list during the bank holidays work for you?

Nothing is ever guaranteed in email marketing (or life), but my best advice to you is to put the theory to the test and see if there are any marked improvements in your results.

If this post has inspired you to do more testing, check out our post on throwing the testing rulebook out the window.

Do you have any experiences of sending email marketing campaigns during bank holidays?

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Louise Stephens
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