72% of businesses think email is best tactic

3rd July 2012 By Louise Stephens in Industry comment

According to the National Client Email Report 2012, a whopping 72% of businesses believe that email marketing is the best tactic for maintaining and cultivating strong customer relationships. Read our latest post to find out how you compare on the types of email you send, the ROI you receive from your campaigns, open rates and more.

Findings from the latest email report from the Direct Marketing Association has found:

  • ROI and relationships: 72% of respondees thought that email marketing was the best tactic for cultivating customer relationships and 67% said email was the best ROI tactic.

  • Resources: 74% said they manage their email campaigns in-house rather than outsource them to an agency. For the first time since 2007, businesses are planning to spend more on their email marketing campaigns.

  • Types of email: 45% of people believed a regular newsletter-style email generated the most income, 36% thought limited time offers yielded the best results, followed by emails segmented by purchase habits at 22%.

  • Education: 40% of respondees stated they had advanced email marketing knowledge and would be able to take advantage of modern tools and tactics. Respondees said they received most of their knowledge through industry newsletters – check out our own Mile High Club - industry blogs, webinars and from the email service provider.

  • Metrics: 67% of companies surveyed said open rates had held steady or improved, with equivalent figures of 69% and 65% for click and conversion rates.

  • List growth: 46% of respondents said the most effective way of growing their data lists were during transactions, organic website traffic and through social media.

  • Send frequencies: The majority of survey participants sent between two and three emails a month but 49% admitted they did not have a set frequency plan. The best practice advice from the DMA was to increase seasonal frequencies such as during the Christmas shopping season, sending more emails to frequent purchasers or regular openers/clickers, offering additional email streams for people to opt-into, introducing trigger emails for purchase, website registration or abandoned shopping carts or at specific data points, such as recipients’ birthdays.

Louise Stephens
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