Our powerful email reporting and analysis tools deliver all the information you need to track response and make informed decisions. All data can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

  1. PDF reports

    PDF reports

    You can export detailed analysis data for any of your campaigns into professionally-designed PDF reports, carrying your company name and branding.
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  2. Postcode plotter

    Postcode plotter

    With our postcode plotter you can upload postcodes of your UK recipients and see a geographical snapshot of 'opens' and 'click-throughs' in Google Maps.
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  3. 'Top links' pie chart

    'Top links' pie chart

    Our 'top links' pie-chart shows you at a glance the most popular links clicked on by the recipients of your email, analysed by number and percentage.
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  4. Clicks-throughs to your website

    Clicks-throughs to your website

    See exactly who, when and how many people have clicked on your links and what pages of your website they have visited – all in real-time.
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  5. Compare campaigns

    Compare campaigns

    With our 'compare campaigns' feature you can analyse two or more campaigns side by side. It's a useful way of measuring relative performance.
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  6. Email 'opens'

    Email 'opens'

    Once you've sent out your email campaign, you'll be able to see exactly who, when and how many of your subscribers have opened it – all in real time.
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  7. Google Analytics integration

    Google Analytics integration

    You may already be using Google Analytics. If not, you should consider activating it. It's free and provides high-quality reporting and analysis.
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